What To See In Venice On Your Own In 1 Day

What to see in Venice on your own if there is only 1 day left? This question is often asked by tourists, going to the only city in Italy, built on the water. After all, I want to see as much as possible, and ordinary guides do not give ideas on how to put all the most interesting into such a tight route. We will try to correct this misunderstanding, and offer our own option for a walk through the most romantic city in Italy. Ready? Then let’s go!

Morning in Venice

Venice is a city on the water. And the impressions of the city will turn out to be incomplete if you do not plan your own trip along the Grand Canal, the main waterway that divides the city into 2 parts, on your daily trip to Venice.

The Grand Canal bends with the inverted letter S from the train station of Santa Lucia to the central square of San Marco. Along the Grand Canal, there are more than 200 of the most luxurious palazzos, in addition, the best photos are obtained from the water.

Take a ride on the main “city street” on the local water bus Vaporetto. Route No. 1 is best suited for such a trip. He walks to the island of Lido, passing along the Grand Canal with many stops. There is no need to go to the very end it is best to get off at the quays near St. Mark’s Square.

A day in Venice

It is best to start a walk in Venice in 1 day from the main city square Piazza San Marco. This square actually served as the birthplace of Venice as a city. After all, it was here, in a small cathedral on a square in the 9th century. from Alexandria brought to the eternal storage of the relics of the Apostle Mark. Later, the cathedral was repeatedly expanded and completed, being a rare example of Byzantine architecture in Western Europe.

In addition to the Cathedral of the Apostle Mark, interest in Piazza San Marco is represented by a 99-meter bell tower (Campanile), which offers stunning views of the city. By the way, it was at the top of the campaign in Venice that Galileo Galilei showed his new telescope to the authorities of the republic. This event happened at the beginning of the XVII century.

Later the campaign, like the whole square, became the center of events of the annual Venice Carnival. This is where the most spectacular descent takes place, called the “Flight of the Angel.”

The authorities of the Venetian Republic appreciated the convenient location of Piazza San Marco and already in the IX century. founded the first government palace on the square the Doge’s Palace. The building that we see on the square now belongs to the 16th century. In addition to the government, the palace housed the Senate, Ministries, the Supreme Court, and even a prison.

Try to get on an excursion to the secret rooms of the palace, where the fate of many famous personalities of the republic was decided, including the Casanova and Giordano Bruno. Excursions are conducted only three times a day. If you are visiting Venice on your own, it is better to book tickets in advance online.

By the way, the Apostle Mark is not the only saint whose relics can be found in Venice. In the IX century. the relics and father of John the Baptist, St. Zacharias, were also brought here. They are stored in the church of the same name in San Zaccaria on Campo S. Zaccaria, not far from Piazza San Marco. You can get there on the Schiavoni promenade.

In general, you can talk about churches in Venice for a very long time, and it is almost impossible to go around them because on a small patch of islands of the Venetian lagoon there are more than 150 of them and each one is a real architectural masterpiece with priceless paintings and frescoes inside.

In addition to the cathedrals described above, there are others that are worth seeing in Venice for 1 day. Be sure to include in the must-see list:

  • the gothic cathedral of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, also known as San Zanipolo, where the remains of 25 Doges of Venice and other famous personalities of the city rest;
  • Church of San Giacomo di Rialto the oldest church in Venice, founded with the founding of the city in 421 and known for its gigantic clock on the facade;
  • the Cathedral of Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari, painted by the great masters of the Renaissance Titian, Vivarini, Alvise, Bellini, etc. For Titian, this cathedral became the last refuge, however, as well as for some of the Venetian Doges.

It will not be possible to ignore the church of Santa Maria Della Salute, built in the XVII century. as a tribute to the Virgin for the miraculous deliverance of the city from the plague. This snow-white beauty is perfectly visible from the Grand Canal embankment at Piazza San Marco and other points of the city.

Walking along the narrow, winding streets of Venice on your own, you will cross more than one bridge and bridge. There are more than 400 bridges in Venice, of which only 4 are thrown over the Grand Canal.

The first two shores of the mighty canal were connected by the Rialto Bridge another visiting card of Venice. At the dawn of its existence, the bridge was pontoon, which pretty much interfered with the movement of city boats and ships, later it was rebuilt and modified several times.

Finally, in the XVI century. unknown architect Antonio de Ponte proposed the construction of the bridge in the form of an arch. No one believed in the duration of the existence of such a structure, but the Rialto Bridge has since been preserved unchanged to this day.

Now on the bridge you can meet many shops, as well as admire the magnificent panorama of the Grand Canal.

And right behind the bridge is the noisy and most famous Rialto market in Venice, which is rightly considered an informal landmark of the city, where the local flavor is fully felt.

In addition to Rialto, it will not be possible to pass by two other famous bridges. The first is the Scalzi Bridge, you will see as soon as you leave the building of the train station of Santa Lucia. The second the Academy Bridge is thrown across the Grand Canal in the area of the most famous art museum in Venice the Academy Gallery.

Speaking of art. When wondering what to see in Venice in 1 day, one should not ignore the numerous art museums of the city. Indeed, here at one time Titian and Tintoretto, Bellini, Carpaccio and many other masters of the Venice School of Painting worked.

The richest collection is collected in the Academy Gallery mentioned above. The art of Venice from the 13th to the 18th centuries is presented here. The gallery is very popular with tourists, so when planning a visit it is most appropriate to buy tickets in advance online.

Another good museum is located in the Palazzo Ca ’Rezzonico. Within the walls of the palace, you can get acquainted with the art of Venice of the XVIII century. In addition to paintings, Venetian household items are also presented here luxurious carved furniture, clothes and accessories, sculptures and interior items.

And finally, when planning a route in Venice for 1 day, we recommend that you pay attention to the city school. Schools in medieval Venice were called charitable organizations at churches and monasteries, collecting donations for certain needs.

Altogether, 8 squares were built in Venice. You will certainly see one of them, the San Marco Scuola, next to the Cathedral of Santi Giovanni e Paolo. Another equally famous Scool of San Rocco is located at the Cathedral of Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari.

Take time to look inside the San Rocco school. Its walls in the XVI century. were painted by the famous master Jacopo Tintoretto. In its beauty, it can only be compared with the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican.

Evening in Venice

Fairly stumbling along the narrow streets of Venice in 1 day, the evening is best spent in calm and relaxation. To visit the city on the water and not ride a gondola means not to go here at all. After all, the Venetian gondolas are more than 1000 years old, and the profession of a gondolier is invariably passed from father to son. The most romantic time for such a walk is at sunset.

You can find gondola moorings in different parts of the city, but for those who want to enjoy the sunset, it is best to take care of finding a boat in advance. In the high season, there can be a lot of people on the pier. Fortunately, this can always be done online. It is enough to choose a convenient pier (preferably near St. Mark’s Square) and a convenient time.

Well, to enjoy the warm Venetian night after a walk, you can go to the famous St. Mark’s Square. After all, it is here that the oldest cafe is located not only in Venice, but also in Italy as a whole the Florian cafe.

Over the years of its existence, the cafe had the most outstanding personalities who once visited the city on the water: Goethe and Byron, Dickens and Casanova, Modigliani, Stravinsky, and many others. At dusk, a live orchestra plays in the Florian Cafe, making the Venetian starry night even more romantic.